You’re the Irreplaceable | 7llin’ in our Youth | EP. 2


  1. Jîyan より:

    Mark screaming, Haechan crying, Renjun laughing, Jeno bleeding, Jaemin cooking, Chenle and Jisung grocery shopping

  2. MC Doul より:

    chenle aggressively telling renjun to be confident followed by him being clingy. china line’s extra cute this episode

  3. sayang ethan より:

    The way they all look at Chenle eating close to camera and there’s Jaemin saying “kiyowo” while his eye looking so soft at Chenle is the cutest scene ngl

  4. Secret User より:

    This is so adorable the atmosphere so different, jeno jaemin doin they thing, very peaceful while mark renjun haechan so chaos , laughing. And chenji go to shopping

  5. Trisha Leigh Malate より:

    31:22 Renjun’s voice is always so soothing to the ears I really love hearing him sing ballad songs, though he’s also very versatile when it comes to signing any type of genre

  6. jojo より:

    *7llin’ should be considered free therapy, it’s literally pure serotonin, natural detox, vitamin c for the body.*

  7. Lara より:

    eu só queria passar um dia assim com eles,cozinhando e escutando eles cantando ao som do violão,isso sim é terapia.Jogar conversar a fora e jogar,serio preciso disso

  8. 수승화강 より:

    I just LOVE Jaemin and Jeno’s vibe at 18:49 they are just enjoying each others company, being themselves and it is seriously so nice to watch them just be

  9. Debo Gaming より:

    NCT are not only singers and dancers, they are actually MULTI-TALENTED

  10. Make It Rain より:

    Cutest things….
    JISUNG enjoying volleyball with his hyungs and scoring points too
    JENO delivering food with his tiny running
    CHENE asking for food from JAEMIN and everyone adoring him

  11. sole0718 より:

    “Heechan do you want me to be really mad? washing dishes is on the line here” big mood lol when I saw they had a UNO game I said to myself, this is it, it’s the end of dreamies but I was wrong the other game ended their sanity haha ​​Chenle eating his cookies so cute

  12. yoya sanz より:

    Me encanta cuando Jisung le pregunta a Chenle quien es su manito ese par de niños no saben guardarse un secreto se nota que se tienen mucha confianza como si realmente fueran hermanos

  13. S. より:

    Chenle defending Renjun when everyone was not wanting to be on his team T___T so sweet

  14. Dama Tantisari より:

    Renjun is just super cute in this series. When he was not talking, he looks like a lost kid, I think his haircut plays a big role on him looking younger <3

  15. Uresh开 より:

    Renjun: just want to win
    Mark: just want to avoid any kiss
    Haechan: just want to get a kiss

  16. Ripsera marak より:

    They are always full of energy and drama. What I love most in this episode is Chenle telling members not to look down Renjun in game, Mark appreciating Renjun for doing well in game. Also dreamies watching Chenle eating. Its so warming.

  17. Leonita Lugaric より:

    They all look so happy. Nomin just chilling and cooking and then u see Haechan Mark and Injun playing. The way other looks at Chenle when he was eating was cuteeee. i might cry for next epizode