Qualifying Highlights | 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix


An incredible first qualifying session of 2022! In the Bahrain desert, Red Bull and Ferrari battle for P1 with some surprising names in the mix in Q3.

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  1. Supercharged Petrolhead より:

    Ferrari very well might take the constructor championship this year….

  2. Reece Hagland より:

    This is what F1 needs. Unpredictable results, this was the best Quali I’ve seen since 2012 and that’s saying a lot. Bring on the new season!

  3. iTik uTok より:

    Bottas in an Alfa out-qualifying Russel in a Mercedes is hilarious! This season will be spectacular.

  4. notsomahsoom より:

    After 2 years of pain, I’m going to watch this qualifying over and over again, no matter what happens in the race.

  5. Oliver より:

    Everyone is talking about KMag and Haas, who definitely deserve a lot of attention, but I was pleasantly surprised by the pace of the Alfa Romeo. Seems like this season might be the rise of the backmarkers.

  6. Seany Patrick より:

    Russell: “Bottas shouldn’t be fighting P9. P9 means nothing to him.”

    Also Russell: *Qualifies 9th and gets out qualified by Bottas*

  7. Knights2theEnd より:

    Botas challenging Hamilton in a team that couldn’t even get out of Q3 last year… insane. Complete Beast.


    There’s a lot of divide between red bull and Mercedes fans but I think everyone appreciates Ferrari, Haas and Alfa Romeo looking much more competitive this year.

  9. Artur Silva より:

    Almost everyone will say hats off to Ferrari and Red Bull for getting it right, but I´ll say hats off to Haas and Alfa, what an improvement!! This is going to be a cracking season!!

  10. Chong Jiun Kit より:

    Sunday race:
    James: Valtteri it is James. Give your position to Lewis.
    Bottas: Wrong number…
    Wolff: No Valtteri, no no Valtteri…

  11. Engin Kaplan より:

    I heard Alfa have challenged Bottas with a bicycle, a skateboard, an F1 car, a donkey, a fighter jet and finally they simply asked him to run and somehow he always qualified to position right after Hamilton. Interesting phenomenon! Just sharing…

  12. Evie! 25 y.o - check my vidéó より:

    I’m glad Bottas is doing well and allowed to drive all out. Seeing him qualify 6th makes me happy. Strong midfield.

  13. Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33 より:

    Cracking drive from Magnussen, Nico out qualifying stroll is hilarious and shows that he should have the seat, Leclerc looks a shoe on for the win Tommorow unless max pulls something out the back or Hamilton does miracles

  14. Riho Pütsep より:

    That’s such a 180 for results. Magnussen in the midpack with Haas, Ferrari the quickest and I especially love how Bottas still ended up right behind Lewis.

  15. Evie! 25 y.o - check my vidéó より:

    Trust in the Masterplan! Respect for Binotto quietly working through tough times and taking Ferrari back to the top.

  16. t00ncess より:

    Great to see Sergio pulling great times out there, shows him and Max are pushing that car to the limit. More Checo podiums in ’22!

  17. Fapser より:

    I hope BOttas finishes the race ahead of both mercs, I really would love it – and Valteri deserves that!!!

  18. JKB DK より:

    lets go Haas what a perfomance by Magnussen, also Bottas top performance, will be fun tomorrow if they both will pass Hamilton