Shohei Ohtani CRUSHES his 2nd homer of the game and adds an EPIC bat flip!


Shohei Ohtani destroyed this home run and celebrated with a huge bat flip.

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  1. Jeff Corey より:

    Even his bat flip is already legendary

  2. David Kim より:

    Ohtani’s bat flip? I feel like I’ve never seen him doing that before… Guess he had a lot of pressure and burden on him after having a great season last year. Well, I hope this is a sign of another great season and the great career that he’ll have!

  3. me より:

    His coolest and most angry batflip I’ve ever seen before.

  4. Jimm9634 より:

    Man, Shohei’s bat is hungry for those homeruns after being in the ICU for the last few days.

  5. Relzi より:

    It’s just the beginning of the season! This is the Shohei we’re going to see all year again!!

  6. Viable Rob より:

    I love how he takes the dumb hat off real fast. Complete pro

  7. housebed より:

    MVP is back. I will never miss an Angels game.

  8. T S より:

    On the day he’s hitting leadoff, his bat is on fire! Hope he gets 6 ABs today.

  9. Dvlt より:

    That batflip sent a strong message to people doubting him.

  10. 西北 より:

    I like his bat flip.

  11. BigBoyGiraffe Graff より:

    I love the bat flip from Ohtani he seems normally like such a nice respectable guy feels good to get him being hungry and aggressive

  12. Drebin: Weapons Dealer より:

    Bat flip was out of character but I believe it was frustration from Ohtani after a season of bad umpire calls.

  13. Zack Hample より:

    Man, when the outfielder barely even moves . . .

  14. Travel Cheap landing より:

    Shohei!!!! Powerful bat swing!!

  15. Jon より:

    That bat flip was the relief out of frustration. Hes back folks. Its Shotimes again

  16. Stu Marston より:

    I’m a Jays fan but I also like Ohtani. I hope him and Vlad battle each other again this year. It was fun last year.