BTS Become Game Developers: EP01


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  1. lalalisa_m より:

    BTS aren’t a only dancer, singer. They’re actually MULTI TALENTED

  2. Namita Yadav より:

    ‘in the SEOM’, ‘BANG TOWN’, ‘TANIE TOWN’ all are good. Namjoon you are such a creative genius.

  3. Deepthi M より:

    “7 trees “ by taehyung was great and the meaning behind was so deep and meaningful I already wanna play it omg

  4. cuse girl より:

    I love how everyone is casual then there is V in a tie still looking like an adorable bean. Is there anything BTS can’t do. They are so talented.

  5. ✰ sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴇғʀᴇs✰ より:

    I really liked the poems of the 7 but V’s is on another level….. I love seeing how they laugh and have fun, they give me an incredible vibe guys, thanks for making us ARMY laugh for a while

  6. SHRADY J より:

    The title was well thought, Tanie Town was cute, Banga Banga was funny and V’s poem was amazing.

  7. Rubi Soriano より:

    Nam y Yoongi compartiendo mentes maestras y el poema hermoso de Tae conmovido nuestros corazones. Me encanta, ya quiero ver el próximo ep. <3

  8. Ramyun Ramyun より:

    Tae’s poem was so adorableeee. I loved it sm! Jimins poem was actually good too!

  9. Sunita Singhvi より:

    I love 7trees taehyung ‘s poem ,,v is multitalentef so versatile he always shows his best efgorts in every field bt members appreciate him less

  10. i'm clara より:

    Seokjin is always really creative. He’s so smart, witty and funny

  11. Purple Lagoona より:

    Y’all it’s Tuesday today and it’s giving the run bts vibes. This is making me miss RUN BTS even more.