SHOHEI OHTANI PUTS ON ABSOLUTE SHO AT FENWAY PARK!! (Strikes out 11 in 7 innings, drives in 1 run)


Ohtani is ridiculous.

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  1. Enzo より:

    Memorable, dominant pitching & crack hits & solid Halos. He stayed on first base many times, in bad shape? Last season, he was always in full power on any situation, whereas this season, he seems to be trying to save and change something according to circumstances.
    I feel the indication of the left-hit increase and the flying-distance suppression. The experiment goes well, will he be reborn as Trout with Cy Young Award?

  2. ShikataGaNai100 より:

    That was SO close to a Slam for Ohtani…for the third time this season.

  3. RamenShaman より:

    What a time to be alive – witnessing Shohei Ohtani!

  4. housebed より:

    At this rate, if he starts hitting home runs as a hitter, Otani will be unstoppable.

  5. Two Seasons より:

    His pitching is getting better and becoming more consistent. The 2-way revolution has begun!

  6. SkyTheBlue より:

    OMG he is on fire!!!! Seeing him react like this is the most electric thing LITERAL CHILLS!

  7. TK より:

    Never take what this guy is doing for granted

  8. Potatocakes より:

    We are all privileged to be alive to watch this guy.

  9. Galaxy25 より:

    Ohtani hits so well when he pitches, double edged sword

  10. Bill Nye より:

    This dude is actually better than trout… we all thought trout was babe Ruth 2.0… but ohtani is on a whole new category. He belongs on his own mountain. We are watching the Michael Jordan of baseball now

  11. John Smith より:

    Lucky enough to live in Boston, bought tickets to all the games just in hopes of seeing him do just this, definitely the best money ever spent. Even being a Sox fan

  12. James K. より:

    This dude is like no other. I keep up with Ohtani and I’ve never kept up this much on any player. I’m not even an Angels fan, but I can’t help but to keep an eye on this guy bc he is the most exciting player in MLB, heck of a player all the way around. That Trout fella is not too bad either.

  13. Michael A.K. より:

    I’m not even mad, I’d go to a Sox game and be equally happy to see Ohtani as to see my team play. Guy is unreal.

  14. Sky-high より:

    So grateful to watch this legend plays.. lets go Shohei!

  15. Jeff Lin より:

    SHOHEI demonstrated how one player beats a team.

  16. trapxgod より:

    This man deserves to play in the postseason. God I hope the Angels stay healthy this year.

  17. warrior より:

    That guy is unfair. What do u pay that kid. He could literally win a game on his own.. legendary

  18. Oscar Solis より:

    He has changed the game for sure. We will now see other teams trying to recruit the next ohtani but he’s just irreplaceable.