(ENG SUB)[MusicBank Interview Cam] 르세라핌 (LE SSERAFIM Interview)l @MusicBank KBS 220506


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  1. Xenix Xolier より:


  2. Domenica Vianey García より:

    Lo que necesitabamos de HYBE,agrupaciones de chicas y con talento,felicidades !!! Lo están haciendo muy bien 🙂

  3. 잔디모리냠냠 より:

    원영이 프로아이돌이야 ,,

  4. BlueLantern_Tenzen より:

    That little smile and wave moment between Chaewon, Sakura and Wonyoung was what I really wanted to see. I rewinded that part like 5 times. No shame.

  5. remy D より:

    Sakura,chaewon + wonyong = izone
    Le serrafirm + sunghoon = hybe labels mate

  6. 쌈마웨이 より:

    아이즈원은 영원하다. 위즈원은 모두를 응원한다~!!

  7. mar より:

    QUE LINDOS Y LUEGO SUNGHOON HIZO UN TIKTOK CON SAKURA espero que hayan más interacciones

  8. Kevin より:

    Wonyoung and SsamKkura’s interaction is so precious <33 I can't help but feel a little bit emotional kkk

  9. 유민 より:

    Ssamkkura waving at Wonyoung and Wonyoung’s nose scrunch… their smiles T – T hope for more interactions in the future! I love IZ*ONE forever <3

  10. Samantha Kim Manoban より:

    Y’all the interaction is wholesome
    Waiting for the right time when Eunbi, Yena, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM have comebacks together in the future.

  11. Jeonxtae より:

    These girls are all so young, they had to go through survival shows to only be in a temporary group. Then they had to disband and find their own career. They’re all so mature. I loved the interaction between sakura, chaewon and wonyoung. My wizone heart is crying rn