1. Visually Not Shy より:

    Why do they look extremely good in this performance video?


    Darari Rock version is so cool, Teumes world wild let’s burn the stage again.

  3. Novitasari Zega より:

    WOW WOWW TRENDING #1 WORLDWIDE !!! asli gak nyangka sih wkwkwkwk deep congrats trejo and teume ^^

  4. lun ♡ より:

    juro que esta canción es la más pegadiza de todas, NO DEJO DE ESCUCHARLA

  5. Enje_ N-jee より:

    TREASURE is perfect in every angle.,
    TREASURE is a perfect masterpiece of 4th gen that YG made.,
    TREASURE makes teume’s smile.,
    TREASURE is L-O-V-E…

  6. BIT Y より:

    I really want to say, for other groups, I may have only 1 or 2 bias. However, for Treasure, all of them are very good, I love them all!!!!!!!

  7. trsrcafe より:

    im so happy to see how many TEUMES are here from different countries and comments section is full of different languages,AND ALSO TREASURE IS ARE RECEIVING ALL THE LOVE THEY DESERVE <333

  8. Kate より:

    Как мне перестать визжать от восторга!? Это слишком круто! А концовка просто огонь!

  9. pink Cloud より:

    the more i listen the more I like it

  10. conSTELLAtion より:

    This vid just described Treasure perfectly lol XD
    – talented
    – great singers
    – amazing rappers
    – unmatched performers

  11. TheFriendlyKickback より:

    EXCELLENCE. They bodied this! I loved the interactions and personality throughout the choreo!

  12. Reshma Tamang より:

    This is my first time listening to them and I have to admit that they’re freaking good.Good luck boys.

  13. Yanikikyuu より:

    Padahal udah sering denger tapi masih belum bosen,, keren sih lagunya bikin kecanduan

  14. Rose Paraiso より:

    I love how Junghwan nailed his lines and parts. He’s the youngest yet he’s proving us that he deserves his own spot.