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昨年「令和版ティガ」として人気を博したTVシリーズ『ウルトラマントリガー NEW GENERATION TIGA』の数年後、人類の未知なる世界への探求心「ネオフロンティアスピリッツ」が宇宙へと拡大した時代が舞台です!

主人公「アスミ カナタ」の日常にもその魔の手が迫る。目の前で繰り広げられる破壊、ついに姿を現す巨大な怪獣。危険を顧みず、今そこにいる敵に飛び込んだその時、カナタは「ウルトラマンデッカー」へと変身を遂げる。

『ウルトラマンデッカー』 作品概要
《放送時間》毎週土曜日 午前9:00~9:30
《放送局》テレビ東京系6局ネット 他
《出演》松本大輝・村山優香・大地伸永・宮澤佐江・小柳友・黄川田雅哉 ほか
《声の出演》土田大 ほか
《オープニング主題歌》SCREEN mode/エンディングテーマ:影山ヒロノブ


  1. atsukiFE3 より:

    GUTSホークとGUTSファルコンとの合体方斬新 しかも赤色と黄色もぴったり、炎みたいかっこよかった。今度のOPとEDも好きー

  2. Magenta Cyan より:

    I’m so happy that the usage of more vehicles is returning to the series. It used to be such a fundamental thing in Showa and Heisei Ultraman.
    Also HANE2 truly is R2D2 😀

  3. Nyo:3 より:

    I can’t wait to watch Decker! This seems to be a promising series! The opening theme, the ending theme, and oh man…the designs! The designs for Decker’s Flash, Strong and Miracle type look so cool! Can’t wait to see them in action!

  4. Spider Phoenix より:

    Everything looking pretty good. Looking forward the premiere

    Interesting the Decker transformation pose kind of does a homage to Ultraseven. Kanata putting the D-Flasher on his face is most certainly a reference to how Dan wore his ultra eye.

  5. XenonRider7 より:

    This looks pretty good! Here’s hoping that Dyna/Asuka makes a cameo and teams up with Decker

  6. Damian Lee より:

    The trailer looks very good so far.
    Decker’s henshin background looks visually stunning, the new kaiju Spheresaurus looks cool as well (reminds me of Gigalith from Pokemon Black & White tho). I’m loving Gomora’s new sick remodel/repaint as Sphere Gomora too. I love that Miclas, Windam & Agira comeback in Decker series too after their appearance in UGF 3. I’m intrigued to see how Ultra Dual Sword operates, since this weapon has two modes that can be used by Trigger and Decker.

  7. Cynga! より:

    Hoping Asuka and Dyna will make an appearance especially since they’ve been flying throughout space so it’d make sense for them to show up eventually

  8. SuperChase 64 より:

    I’m so hyped for this new series next month!! It’s gonna be so awsome!

  9. wilie より:

    I love it, but is it me or the swords in every ultra series is getting more and more bigger?


    I’m really excited for Ultraman Decker! I hope Tsuburaya team can air it on Youtube for us international fans!

  11. Maguma より:

    Everything’s looking good! The Sphere’s being the villains should be a real treat.

  12. 39 wendy より:


  13. コココーク より:


  14. タロウ ティガ ゼロ炎 古 斬 より:


  15. Rega G'Red より:

    I hope for the next generation Gaia series, the combat team is still as complete as Ultraman Gaia and the planes still use human pilots instead of remote control/AI. And still use the concept of chemistry.

  16. Cake Face Films より:

    Gosh, I really love the suit for this one, especially that shot of strong type at 5:01, that looks so cool. I’ll probably check out episode one just to see how it is, but I really wanna finish the original TDG before fully watching New-Gen TDG, I’m hoping I’ll have them all done before New-Gen Gaia starts *fingers crossed*

  17. Isaac 1990 より:

    0:30 4:27 Love the moves to perform Decker’s Solgent Beam. I would have thought Decker would just simply fire the Solgent Beam without any moves like Dyna does (which to me felt a bit lackluster for a modern Ultra series if Decker does that), although Dyna did can do the moves but only for the enhanced Solgent Beam, and it’s not so often.

    And the way Decker performed that move really reminiscent of Dyna since Decker is a successor and an alternate universe version of Dyna.

  18. Asyraff Sani より:

    Loving what I see. Great cast, no dumb alien mascot and awesome looking weapon. Just wish they could ditch the nurse dessesy and guts falcon but guts hawk and the combination looks good. Really looking forward to this.