Race Highlights | 2022 Canadian Grand Prix


We return for our first race in Canada for three years! And it kept us on the edge of our seats right up to the chequered flag…

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  1. FORMULA 1 より:

    UPDATE: Fernando Alonso is hit with a 5-second time penalty for multiple changes of direction while defending against Valtteri Bottas, and drops to P9. Bottas moves up to P7; Zhou P8.

  2. Manveer Ghuman より:

    It was a exciting race overall but Alpine and Haas results were a big shocker.

  3. Sreesh Aiyer より:

    I felt Carlos Sainz was finally going to have his first win here. You’re nearly there Carlos, just hang in there amigo.

  4. Arv B より:

    Yuki’s crash was almost comical right out of the pits and straight into the wall.

  5. jkliao648 より:

    Very solid performance by Zhou, should be a big confidence boost for him.

  6. A.M より:

    Can we all appreciate Stroll and Latifi for not crashing at least in their home GP?

  7. ArtRyanRock より:

    I can’t help but admire how consistent Verstappen’s driving. Ferrari can’t afford another mistakes if they want to win this season

  8. robertus071 より:

    George Russell still being consistent, I say this everytime but he is on pace to make a record season in the top 5 every race

  9. rockandclassiccars より:

    Max’s driving was flawless. Those last 10 or so laps were a masterclass in racing (and under some pressure too).
    Happy to see Lewis on the podium.

  10. Vodka より:

    Zhou proving his doubters wrong including me. He might be my new favorite driver

  11. Deonarine Gopaul より:

    Ferrari strategists: we messed up badly in Monaco
    Alpine (Fernando’s) strategists: hold my beer

  12. Anarcho-Boulangist Llama Enthusiast より:

    Its impressive how when you look at the last 51 races, whenever Verstappen actually finished the race and didnt suffer a DNF, he only failed to finish on the podium twice (6th in Turkey 2020 and 9th in Hungary 2021). Otherwise always on the podium.

  13. Frank Merriwell より:

    So happy for Zhou. First year in F1 and already 3 points.

  14. Alex Crom 94 より:

    And the “Ferrari Strategists” Trophy this weekend goes to:
    BWT Alpine F1 Team
    Absolutely gutted by the way how they lose the chance of a podium.
    Meanwhile George “Mr. Consistency” Russell in the Top 5 again!

  15. Daniel Johnson the Jetpackman より:

    Really bumped for Schumacher. He most likely would’ve scored points, had he not had an issue. Hope he can gain motivation from this weekend. He did great all weekend long.

  16. Pets Footage より:

    “The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car. It’s the one who refuses to lose.”
    Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

  17. Dan より:

    Sainz had closed up enough to overtake Verstappen on the straight when they went into the hairpin (was about .2s closer) but bottled it as messed up the corner. Had he kept it together, he might have just been able to get past leaving Verstappen 1 lap to try to do the same back to him.

    That RB looks to have the better of Ferrari on acceleration and top end speed though. The fact Sainz couldn’t even get alongside with the assistance of DRS despite at times putting in faster laps overall is quite telling.

  18. BigNoseMonkey 1234 より:

    People don’t realize this, but Albon might have gotten points, if he didn’t pit just before the SC.