KUSHIDA「強すぎちゃって、挑戦者がいなくなっちゃったんじゃないですか?どうです?いるんだよ、ここに俺が!」6.21 #njroad Backstage comments: 7th match


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2022年6月21日(火)NEW JAPAN ROAD
高橋 ヒロム 🆚 石森 太二

June 21, 2022 “NEW JAPAN ROAD”
Tokyo・Korakuen Hall
7th match: AEW All Atlantic Championship Qualifier
Hiromu Takahashi 🆚 Taiji Ishimori

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  1. NJPW World Official より:

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  2. JIFDEGaming より:

    That crowd popping even though the government have still BANNED crowds from making any noise! So happy to see him back in the New Japan ring once more!

  3. NoVa9LiVeS より:

    Looks like Kushida was trying to hide his joy for finally being home where hes respected

  4. Kyle Villarama より:

    I’m happy Ishimori won. He needed the win more. I’m thrilled to see Kushida back. I can’t wait to see him wrestle in NJPW again.

  5. Ames Kirshen より:

    So happy that Kushida is back home where he belongs!!!

  6. Cameron より:

    Kushida made a very smart decision to return to Japan and dodged a bullet by not staying with WWE. The WWE Cruiserweight Championship was as far as WWE wanted him to go title wise and wouldn’t know what to do with him on main roster. At least he got some exposure,a lot of money,and a title run out of it. He has nothing left to prove.

  7. Miguel Braz より:

    One of my favorite wrestlers from the Junior division. So glad he’s back WWE is a cemetery for charismatic wrestlers can’t wait for the pop Shinsuke will get when he finally gets his release because of budget cuts

  8. M Glorious One より:

    I still can’t believe wwe managed to fuck up with him. Kushida had literally one good thing there, and that was teaming with alex shelley.

  9. Jaime D. より:

    BOSJ winner, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and winner of the World Cup Tournament 2017, the Ace of the Juniors, Kushida!

  10. dodo より:


  11. りょう より:


  12. がんばさんきゅ より:


  13. Paul Batol より:

    Kushida could of been the next Rey Mysterio in Wwe but, they failed to utilize him

  14. masa ni より:


  15. 小野妹子 より:


  16. MrLeon より:

    Did we forget Taiji beat KUshida for this belt at WRestle kingdom before KUshida left for WWE ;?

  17. Anthony Mario より:

    Yes Taiji is still champion and KUSHIDA is back. The Junior heavyweight division just got super

  18. カールトンハウス より: