Shohei Ohtani goes DEEP to the second deck!


Angels’ star Shohei Ohtani’s hot stretch continues with his 18th homer of the season.

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  1. Pablo Talento より:

    Too bad this was the only run for the Angels today… we NEED better pitching to help this man and Trout!!!

  2. GBan より:

    Ohtani is an iron man, it’s amazing to see how he still has strength to hit even after a long outing at the mound.

  3. Kiyoto Sydney より:

    I hope he gets MVP again, GO SHOHEI!!!!

  4. RJ & Cupid より:

    The world loves Ohtani. He is pure baseball magic.

  5. Mik Rod より:

    Astros fan but this kid is the real deal always fun to watch

  6. T N より:

    Ohtani appears on this channel every time he plays
    He was a pitcher last time and a batter this time
    He keeps scoreless pitches and keeps hitting home runs
    We are quite lucky to see his prime

  7. Blia Yang より:

    His HR swings is akin to Jordan dunking. Most every NBA player can dunk the basketball but when Jordan dunks it’s just a sight behold. Pretty much every major league player can hit a home run. But when Ohtani hits one, it’s a sight to behold.

  8. B Eazy より:

    Once in a century player

  9. stephen redhawk より:

    C’mon man this guy is not from here. That shot was unbelievable. What a talent he is….Enjoy it while you can:)

  10. Peter and Yen より:

    The build up, the suspense and then the smash just beautiful

  11. nana より:

    If this continues to the end of the season, Shohei is the MVP by all accounts.
    If Ohtani had played for the Yankees or Astros, there would not even be an argument. If there is anything preventing Shohei from being MVP, it is the Angels and no one else.

  12. housebed より:

    I only look at Shohei’s performance. I don’t care anymore whether the Angels win or lose.

  13. On na quune vie より:

    He is in good shape now. Last year it fell once after the All-Star game. So don’t let him be an All-Star. That person should be able to play an active role in the MVP class.

  14. R.J. より:

    Right now, I’d think it would be a crime to leave out Shohei in the conversation for currently being one of the best athletes in all of sports in the world. He’s a once in a lifetime player.

  15. Carlos Rodriguez より:

    Then they lost 8-1. He is indeed amazing, but the Angels need to get their “act” together!

  16. ゲイル ー より:

    He is a legend

  17. Mec より:

    Watch the 30/30 about Bo Jackson. Former Royals owner said he’d only ever heard that sound off the bat from one other player – Babe Ruth. Now it’s Shohei making that same, unique contact

  18. 9Ballr より:

    One of these days Ohtani is going to be pitching, and he’s going to hit a home run off himself.