&AUDITION – The Howling – #1 Performance Clip


&AUDITION – The Howling –
SIGNAL SONG #TheFinalCountdown
Performance Clip

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  1. 헬리나 より:

    K kun is just born to be an artist. No one can’t deny it.

    ++Gaku, Maki, Junwon caught my eyes for real. They shine thru the whole performance.

  2. 박_하늘 より:

    It’s true that JO has this talent to catch his audience’s eyes. My eyes are following him all this time. K is very stable, both vocal and dancing. After the “one day one day today” before the first pre chorus, the third guy (I can’t see his face very well) infront was kind of lost (his position) but it’s not that noticeable. I believe they did focus on dancing instead of singing, because I can see that they are trying not to mess this up, especially the positions and their movements. Some of them were also tense, but it’s understandable because this is their first performance. Overall, this performance is great.

  3. Ken Mariano より:

    Only my screen witnessed how much I cried seeing K performed again. It was like a lifetime dream before. And now, we’re finally starting this journey. I am also happy to witness the growth of the trainees I love since before, Taki, EJ, and Nicholas.

  4. RN_charing より:

    our I-land boys K, Taki EJ, and nicholas are all ready to debut, they imroved so much esp our baby maknae taki, he grow up so well with his 3 hyungs…love you guys, i was teary eye seeing you back in the stage,, fighting to the other boys too…

  5. Ica Wilson より:

    K never failing to prove that he is the ACE of this group. He’s definitely ready to debut. This is his era. I just know it. HE CAME BACK WITH A REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE. I know this time they won’t lose him.

  6. Tinaaa より:

    K never disappoints but Taki, Harua, and Hikaru definitely shone through this performance too.

  7. Emily Jackson より:

    proof that K never ages he just gets more and more attractive

  8. zelzel より:

    K is such a great performer. I feel so happy seeing him on stage again. He always makes me proud

  9. Jenny♡BTS より:

    K never fails to prove he’s the ACE. He’s been one ever since I-Land

  10. AA より:

    Gaku dance really well!! its no wonder Son Sungdeuk praise his dancing skills! His voice tone is also good and his expression on stage are very expressive. Gaku looks like he has fun on stage! I hope GAKU will debut with the 4 members!!

  11. KViscop より:

    The 4 debut members literally aced this performance. But among new trainees – Harua, JO, Hikaru, Maki and Gaku caught my attention.
    Gaku dances really well.
    Maki sings very well, i was amazed that he hit the high not.
    Harua has a really sweet voice and good stage presence.
    Hikaru – he is a balled dancer, i see potential in him.
    JO – He is handsome, sings well and has good facial expression.

  12. andA より:

    Can’t stop crying! K is marvelous!

  13. Mitsuhara Meisa より:

    K since I-Land days he already proved himself. He deserve to debut so Hybe, please don’t waste this man talents. K is beyond perfection.

  14. JaneAn Draws より:

    This performance really showcase K’s vocals I’ve never seen before.

  15. LOVENHYPEN より:

    It’s only the first episode but they already slay !

  16. ZaeG より:

    K’s “we’re doing the impossible” is EVERYTHING! ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE ✨ ❤

  17. Manilyn Padua より:

    My eyes are all yours K. I will support you and the group no matter what. Just hold for a little and your suffering will turn into victory. Ganbatte!!!