1. Dalila Kamanova より:

    Спасибо за эту прекрасную трансляцию. Вы были великолепны от начала и до конца, как и всегда, Ханю-сан. На то, как вы разогреваетесь, ходите, подтанцовываете, шнуруете коньки, невозможно насмотреться. Красота!

  2. Galina Voloshko より:

    Юдзуру, я верю, что Вы еще приедете в Россию. Я хочу увидеть Ваше живое выступление, сколько бы мне это не стоило. Эмоции, которые Вы дарите своим зрителям бесценны. Будьте счастливы и берегите себя. Из России с любовью.
    Yuzuru, I believe that you will come to Russia again. I want to see your live performance, no matter how much it costs me. The emotions that you give to your viewers are priceless. Be happy and take care of yourself. From Russia with love.

  3. Jasmin Top より:

    Поддерживает такое превосходное состояние Юзуру Ханю ! за этим сколько упорной работы и самодисцпилины требуются! Салют и безоговорочная поддержка вам!

  4. Tat'jana Heit より:

    Какой потрясающий подарок!!! Хочется пересматривать и пересматривать) Спасибо, Юзуру!!!❤

  5. Anna Mil より:

    Dziękuję Yuzu, to było cudowne, część oglądałam w drodze do pracy, bo MUSIAŁAM NA Żywo !!!, wypadku na drodze nie spowodowałam ……W pracy miałam cały dzień audyt i troszkę problemów ze skupieniem uwagi, ale ogólnie wszystko poszło ok. Jestem szczęśliwa że mogłam Ciebie zobaczyć i że możesz przeczytać te słowa. Z niecierpliwością będę czekać na kolejne filmy na twoim kanale. Pozdrowienia z Polski. Anna

  6. Елена Вирина より:

    Я весь день пребываю в восхищении от увиденной тренировки! Спасибо,Юдзуру,все прошло великолепно! Замечательная операторская работа,крупные планы,отменное качество картинки и сигнала.Ни одного зависания за всю трансляцию при таком количестве присоединившихся- почти 110 тысяч пользователей! Катание и прыжки были также прекрасны и вдохновляющи! Встречи с вами Юдзуру очень долгожданны и желанны! Ждем новых с нетерпением!

  7. Maria より:

    Thanks Hanyu-kun for creating this channel and live streaming your practice from Sendai rink. This really brings you and your skating closer to international fans. Thank you for this unprecedented and wonderful experience! I watched SharePractice live with lots and anticipation and tension. The intensity growing every minute you were in the ice! This is an honest question: I have been wondering for some time, does the ice at Sendai rink feel different than the ice in other ice rinks? Thanks again and congratulations for a very successful SharePractice!

  8. Crystal Chan より:

    Dearest Yuzu, Thank you very much for arranging this live event “SharePractice” and willing to share with us free of charge. After watching the video for entire 2 hours, my heart was filled with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was so delighted to see you skate with a TRUE smile on your face with an excitement to join your new journey as a pro-athlete. On the other hand, I felt like I could see the loneliness of your day-to-day training and practicing with your broken heart over the past years even though you have improved your skills in both aesthetic and athletic sides. Maybe you have doubted yourself like “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with my skills? And what’s wrong with my skating?…”, but, I would like to tell you, you are not wrong, instead, you show the whole world what figure skating TRULY is. We treasure your hard work, skating and performance a lot. We also care about your feelings of being an athlete, a performer or just yourself “Hanyu Yuzuru”. Starting your new journey might be challenging, yet, we will stand by you and stay with you. Fly Yuzu ^^ Love from Hong Kong~

    (P.S. Actually, I still can’t believe that you just opened an official Youtube channel last Sunday, uploaded three videos and arranged “SharePractice” within 4 days only. It sounds like a dream. ^_^ Also, I love your interaction with Pooh-san. I hope you will still put Pooh along the rinkside during the ice show and accompany you to every show/event. I am also a Pooh lover and I love Pooh since I was born. And most importantly, I know your existence owing to Pooh too (i.e. watched pooh rain via social media platform). It’s really amazing! <3)

  9. Thư Trịnh より:

    Tuy đã qua ngày phát trực tiếp 1 ngày nhưng bây giờ tôi vẫn đang xem lại nó. Lần đầu tiên được xem trực tiếp, hạnh phúc không tả nổi luôn á. Nó khác với việc xem lại các bài biểu diễn của Yuzu lắm, xem trực tiếp như thế này khiến tôi có cảm giác được tận mắt nhìn thấy Yuzu, được sống cùng một khoảng khắc với anh ấy vậy, trừ từ “hạnh phúc tột cùng” ra thì không còn lời nào để diễn tả được.
    English version :
    Even though it’s been 1 day since the live broadcast, I’m still watching it now. Seeing the livestream for the first time is an indescribable happiness. It’s different from revise Yuzu’s performances, watching it live makes me feel like seeing Yuzu with my own eyes, living in the moment with him, minus the word “extremely happy” There are no words to describe it. <3
    ~ Love from Viet Nam <3 ~

  10. Namiko08 より:

    Я просто рыдаю. Не описать словами чувства, что я испытываю, наверно это онромная благодарность Юзуру за то, что он делает это для нас фанатов. Я очень сильно переживала, когда он сказал что переходит в проф спорт, так как профики не выступают на соревнованиях и их можно увидеть только на шоу, но Юзуру как будто услышал мысли своих фанатов и сделал то, что в принципе никто не делал. Кто бы мог подумать, что он даст фанатам второй глоток воздуха в виде его потрясающего канала. Выражаю огромную благодарность ведь видеть Юзуру Ханю на льду это просто благословение.
    Отдельно хочется сказать про программу сеймей… ну это искусство в чистом виде гениальнейшая программа сделанная гением. Вот сколько раз её пересматривала, столько раз и удивляюсь насколько технически трудна и музыкально насыщена она. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. ロロミロロミ より:

    It was a wonderful practice session. It was inspiring to watch what you have been doing over and over again. Please continue to let me watch it as often as you can. Please try not to break your body.

  12. Kitty Fong より:

    Yuzu, I am really happy these days, especially seeing the live yesterday! In addition, when I knew how much money and effort you put into this livestreaming, I am touched. I think Fanyus would have the same feeling. Thank you so much, Yuzu!
    Support you as always and look forward to your next performances/activities/videos….Love you!!!! It’s really good having this account, we can drop you messages which we would like to tell you directly. 一生應援! From a fan in Macau. ^^

  13. 赵芷慧 より:

    Yuzu, I’m so happy that you finally start your own official account! I’m a Chinese fan. I’m so lucky to have chance to watch your performance on this Channel. Wish you happy every day! Please do not give yourself too much pressure. You know we love you not just because your skating, but also your attitude to your dream. Your attitude delight me to catch the dream that I’ve lost for many years. Thank you so much! Looking forward to see you soon!

  14. Jerold Whitacre より:

    To my dear Yuzuru
    I’ve always wanted to leave you a message, and I finally found a chance. Yuzu, I want to tell you that your figure skating performance has always brought me infinite motivation to move forward.Since I saw your figure skating performance in the Beijing Winter Olympics, I really realized that figure skating is so beautiful, elegant and touching.And your spirit of never giving up and going forward to challenge the limit has always inspired me to move forward.You know, because I saw the Beijing Winter Olympics and met you, I began to become better and better.You are the hope of me and Chinese ice fans.But don’t be too stressed, because no matter what you do or what you choose, we respect you and will always support you. And all of us will go forward with you and work hard.Finally, I hope you will always be healthy, happy and safe.
    Love from Chinese ice fans.

  15. Рузалия Каримова より:

    Прекрасная тренировка. Красивый Ханю, хорошая музыка, совершенное катание. Он дарит свет и счастье людям всей планеты. Уникальный феномен Юдзуру Ханю притягивает к себе, как магнит. Мы любим тебя! Продолжай радовать нас искусством !

  16. ahmay4329 より:

    Thank you for having this stream live ~thank you for bring joy and happy to all the fans here~please continue to pursue your dreams and happiness ~just be yourself and do whatever you want ~we will always there for you and love you always ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Jenny Lee より:

    I can’t stop myself from watching the live playback repeatedly. It’s just like a dream ❤️ everything is so perfect and precious.

  18. 噗桑的zuzu より:

    We will always support you no matter what decisions you make.

  19. e.tゆずプー より: