1. ChunksFunks より:

    The way you described how disgusting the hump tastes literally had me crying tears from laughing. Thanks for this great video masaru san

  2. Nad Z より:

    Masaru : “i know a lot of you guys are also filleting a Napoleon fish right now”
    Me : *in my bed tucked in* yea i guess you can say that lmao

  3. AstraLastra より:

    When I first came across your channel i said to myself “I hope he does a Napoleon fish” I am so happy right now

  4. DocIke680 より:

    I am a Pacific islander myself, and we do eat a lot of napoleon wrasse. We eat them as sashimi , fried and nitsuke are the best.

  5. Nad Z より:

    I like how the fish is just hanging in the back of the car out in the open like its a passenger lmao

  6. ぼうしてくてく より:


  7. korph より:

    can’t believe its 5 in the morning and im sitting here watching a man who speaks a foreign language cook a gigantic fish, no other way i’d spend my morning i suppose

  8. Inflation Rate より:

    Me: *about to go to sleep*

    YouTube: nah bro, you GOT to see this guy dismantle a napoleon fish!

    Me: …you have piqued my interest

  9. Lozer より:

    omg!! hes been talking about a napoleon fish for a while!! so happy its finally happening!!

  10. SkorpyoTFC より:

    “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten” hits different when you remember that this man has eaten starfish, parasites, and literal poison before.

  11. zodiacbrave13 より:

    私はアメリカから見ていて、このチャンネルがどれほどクールかを伝えたいと思っていました。 たくさんの魚を見るのは素晴らしいことですし、日本語を学ぶのにも役立ちました.

  12. fruit Ramune より:


  13. みなちゃん より:


  14. Robert Boone より:

    Usually don’t comment but this is by far the largest fish you’ve broken down keep up the good videos!