Race Highlights | 2022 Belgian Grand Prix


F1 returned after the summer break with instant drama at the start!

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  1. TheApexHound より:

    I think Sainz deserves a lot of credit for holding on to the podium considering how much faster the Merc looked towards the end of the race.

  2. Daltira より:

    Wouldn’t be a normal race without Latifi crashing

  3. TheSighBored より:

    Ferrari continuing their self sabotaging streak, great success!

  4. Zangko より:

    Love how the strategy department in Maranello is always coming up with something new to entertain us. Thats creativity at its best.

  5. Franck TITANIC より:

    Amazing results for Gasly and Ocon today! Gasly starting from the pit lane all the way to p9 and those double overtakes from Ocon were awesome!

  6. ThatDudeinBlue より:

    I feel like being a driver and seeing Verstappen in your rear view mirror you would just take a deep sigh and say “oh great”

  7. paolo spr より:

    Championship is almost over, Ferrari leaves me speachless every week end, Leclerc is sinking the same way Vettel did.

  8. 有华不辱 武汉病毒 より:

    4:12 you can see how Sainz’s car bounces while Verstappen cruises past

  9. Dhruv Singh Pal より:

    verstappen victories in this season giving me vibes of 2011 vettel’s run in red bull. Verstappen’s run in first year as champion having similarities like vettel’s run in first year as champion. Suprisingly they are from similar teams.

  10. Simon より:

    Verstappen with a Schumacher level drive today. Completely at one with the car

  11. Cat_Omaha より:

    Props to the underdogs today- Ocon, Vettel, Albon, and Gasly all had mega drives!!

  12. Miggy Byte より:

    Alpine has a competitive car. Nice to see Alonso fighting his way through.

  13. Keyser Söze より:

    Max “only” needs 5/8 wins to get the record for most wins in a single season, quite doable.

  14. Pe11e より:

    It’s just mind boggling at this point how much Verstappen is quicker.

  15. Raph T. より:

    massive props to Albon and Vettel for being able to drag their tractors up into the points!

  16. Erkki Junkkarinen より:

    Verstappen had the kind of car today that Lewis has had for many years where he can just have a leisurely drive and dominate.

  17. Igor Rebenko より:

    It as if Max has the difficulty all the way down. He’s just on another level.

  18. AblazePG3D より:

    Max goes from P14 to P1 Can anyone tell he will be breaking records and will be world champion so many times with red bull. What a legend he is!