Let’s Fill Up Our MemoriesㅣFill It UpㅣEP. 1


  1. Cheyanne Ramcharan より:

    2 types of friends:
    Taeyong: “i’ll help you Mark”, actually helps clean up.
    Yuta: “i’ll help you Mark”, stands and watches.

  2. 김유빈 より:

    비 때문에 계획 했던 스케줄대로 못 하고.. 당일치기 하고 왔는데도 5화나 뽑아낸 우리칠 진짜 대단해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. zaprude より:

    Yuta really shines in this episode. He is so sweet, he cares about all the members and is so reassuring to everyone. I think he brings a lot of stability to the group.

  4. e -_- e より:

    Mark: *getting stressed playing with Taeyong


  5. Amy Franklin より:

    Yuta filming Mark while he’s playing the card game with Taeyong is friendship goals!!!

  6. _뚱이 より:

    유타… 몇년동안 한결같은 사랑을 보여주는거 진짜 대단하다…. he is the best mark friends

  7. h a r u t o p i a より:

    Ah… Why Yuta becomes more cute than ever?? He smiles a lot. I’m falling for those smiles again and again.

  8. {ARMY & KPOP MULTI STAN} 4E! より:

    Yuta’s sweetness is overflowing here, especially when he was playing with the dog and when he’s with Mark<3

  9. anabella ramos より:

    I like this kind of content, seeing them just having fun a spent time together feel so comfortable.
    Haechan calling Jungwoo “obokie”
    Jaehyun playing the piano, Doyoung singing, They fell in love with the dog, playing games.
    Yuta is so In love with Mark as always he is so supportive to him and was so funny when he said to Doyoung “I am helping Mark” when he was just looking at him XD and then Doyoung did the same XD
    When they are together playing games is a chaos totally and so funny XD
    24:07 Jungwoo In Jaehyun’s lap ^_^

  10. SoftyJaehyun より:

    Yuta cheering up mark and imitating what he does whenever he loses to taeyong, so adorable

  11. Flying Nursery より:

    The dog is just too cute!!
    6:15 first encounter
    7:06 looks like a drama, a dog, and an umbrella man (Yuta)
    8:05 the dog started communicate to Yuta. Such a precious thing to see!!!
    8:24 Taeyong wanted to make Yuta’s bag as the dog’s house (I guess because the bag was big enough for a dog)
    8:38 Taeyong and Yuta started talking about Chihuahua
    10:03 the dog and Yuta was laying on the floor, slowly getting to know each other better
    11:04 Mr Moon came ton play, joining the dog, Yuta,and Jungwoo.
    12:39 Yuta was still eyeing the dog
    14:57 the dog barked, Yuta laughed, and Mr Moon called the dog Kang Kang. But actually his name is GEUMDONG
    33:24 Taeyong on his scooter playing with GEUMDONG. Oooh, this scene is so relaxing
    34:18 Yuta wanted to take GEUMDONG with them

  12. reallilly より:

    we all need a yuta in our live. being mark’s number 1 fan, stressed out when mark lose, and just being there as an emotional support while mark did the dishes lol.

    also i could watch ilichil just playing game for hours and wont get bored. this series is sooo much fun already!!! ilichil 2baddies letsgooo!!

  13. ♡Stayzen より:

    Woaah! En serio que me divertí tanto jajajjq me encantó la batalla con las tarjetas, amé que Yuta apoyara y corriera el timbre más cerca de Mark para que ganara >< estoy esperando el 2do ep.

  14. Himeko Aikawa より:

    Yuta looks so soft this episode, and his smile is just so incredible.