Race Highlights | 2022 Dutch Grand Prix


  1. Edison より:

    Ferrari never fails to disappoint, but I still support them because their drivers are actually rather talented and above average.

  2. Kayla Bond より:

    Guys ferrari are actually masterclass strategists. They noted how hamilton won at silverstone with only 3 wheels so they looked at emulating that as surely they can win in a similar fashion.

  3. Ian Coenradie より:

    we cant ignore the fact that Perez’s first pitstop (with the wheelgun accident) was PERFECTLY 2.0 seconds

  4. Infernodotdash より:

    I go into every race highlights video wondering “what mistake did Ferrari make today” and there never fails to be one

  5. Tiago Almeida より:

    Ferrari tried to make a pitstop 25% faster by changing 3 tires.

  6. AlexF1 より:

    Lewis’ race turned around faster than Ferrari’s season

  7. ArthurMagno より:

    I can’t wait for the new adventures Ferrari will bring us next race

  8. Zed 96 より:

    Sublime drive from Alonso ! 10 consecutive races in the points. The guy is magic. He’s also nearly wiped out the deficit to Ocon. Deserves to be in a car fighting for wins/titles again.

  9. Antoine Reyné より:

    No one talks about the 2.00 seconds pit stop of Red-Bull…

  10. Vladimir Putin より:

    we’re looking for p5 finish at the end.
    Ferrari: “the question is would you like to risk that position and finish p6? question”

  11. Jona de Geus より:

    Russell pulled a killer move demanding softs and racing his own race

  12. Kingdom Auto より:

    Based on the past several years, who would have guessed that Hamilton wouldn’t even have one win this far into the season? Crazy how quickly things can change in sports.

  13. Seth Lucc より:

    As a Ferrari fan i im disgusted by the strategy that they stuff up on every gp but on the same time I congratulate Max for the amazing drive that he provides he is a worthy champion

  14. Miguel R より:

    Alonso should have been the driver of the day, no doubt

  15. Sebastian Huvenaars より:

    Ferrari fitted the right tires, and almost all of them too. Progress being made.

  16. Maguslloret Munoz より:

    Hope Alonso finishes in front of Ocon in the championship, he has the run for it

  17. Paul Saalfeld より:

    I’ve been becoming a real Alsonso fan since last season! I love to watch his starts and wheel to wheel racing!
    To few titels to his name in my opinion!

  18. Miles 890 より:

    4:55 by far my favorite highlight of the race

  19. TimeBucks より:

    Alonso (Alpine) has been impressive