TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」The Final Season Part 2 PV


  1. Will-Metal より:

    Esto va ser épico papus!!

  2. CrownieShorts より:


  3. Jerick より:

    Eren in pv trailer: You’ve been waiting for 2,000 years haven’t you?

    Aot episode 1 title: To you, 2,000 years from now.

  4. abdi kos より:

    Hypenya bikin merinding parah !!!

  5. Chilled Phoenix より:

    I wonder how MAPPA will animate “that thing” and “those things”

  6. ً より:

    It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that every episode will be trending. ESPECIALLY since this is the darkest part AOT has ever got to.

  7. amir lebnen より:

    seeing hange looking at levi so sad and depressing makes me wanna cry inside.

  8. TheKidd2013 より:


    Eren: “You’ve been waiting for someone. For over 2000 years, haven’t you?”

  9. BroFist より:

    0:00 Yuki Kaji’s line on this “You’ve waited for 2000 years” is lit man

  10. Samuel Kim Music より:

    What a time to he alive to witness the end…

  11. Aaditya Srivastava より:

    Eren: Hey Armin , did you know the Earth is flat?
    Armin: Eren Earth is not flat.
    Eren: Yet.

  12. Cabeça De Teia より:

    é real memo >.<

  13. Foortoo より:

    Looking forward to January 9th 🙂

  14. naxm1 より:

    ESTOY EMOCIONADA, aún que se que me la pasaré llorando

  15. Animera より:

    Eren got spoiled so hard that he decided he would better off becoming an villain.

  16. StevenX7 より:

    I’d like King Fritz to erase my AoT memories so I can watch every season fresh again while waiting for this

  17. Hamza BM より:

    hey guys the only thing i can tell you as a manga reader is the following :
    you ain’t ready for what’s coming ahead , just enjoy the ride !!!!

  18. I've Always Hated you Mikasa !! より:

    “Keep moving forward until we complete Attack on Titan The Final Season”

  19. Leo より:

    I wasn’t expecting the trailer to be dropping today holy shit. Anyways I’m ready for more suffering!