ENHYPEN, Go Big or Go Home, (엔하이픈, 모 아니면 도) [THE SHOW 211019]


#엔하이픈, 모 아니면 도
#ENHYPEN, Go_Big_or_Go_Home

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  1. Michaela Vicera より:

    Ni-Ki is indeed the 4th Generation Dance Prodigy, breathe if you agree.

  2. Keiteu より:

    enhypen gets better and better every stage especially jake and ni-ki!

  3. Lee Carla (리 칼라) (李卡拉) (リー・カーラ) より:

    Fact: Everyone is obsessed with Heeseung’s “I’m feeling lucky” part

  4. Carolina Nascimento Sandim より:

    Essa música é um hino!!!

  5. ARMY-EN より:

    Ni-ki charisma on stage is overflowing he is indeed the best dancer.

  6. たいやき より:

    The voice of NI-KI matches this song, and the center performance is also cool. The ending fairy of NI-KI is beautiful

  7. MINE より:

    Im healing a bit thru this performance. GLAD

  8. Yum より:

    I can never get over Ni-Ki touching the back of his neck before his center part…he’s soooo cool!!!!!!!

  9. rapper jungwon より:

    as always, jungwon never disappoints with his vocals, dance, stage presence, basically everything. congratulations enhypen!

  10. The Quiet Life より:

    I kinda wish Niki kept his curly hair. But anyways, another great stage from Enhypen ❤ so proud for these boys

  11. maro NI-KI より:

    NI-KI always comes to the center when I’m tired at the end.
    A masterpiece of dance.
    The last kiss of the ending, everyone is cute.

  12. Kat Ansel より:

    NI-KI gives the best ending fairies. So cute

  13. vand 23 より:

    This song is a masterpiece.. I always love Go Big or Go Home performances

  14. ni-ki 붕어빵 より:

    How does Ni-ki manage to improve even more after every performance??

  15. Akshaya Kulkarni より:

    niki’s intro is everything at this point…honestly

  16. Lívia Makie より:

    niki’s clothes are really on point