Highlights: Preston 0-2 Liverpool | Origi scores an outrageous goal in the Carabao Cup


Watch key highlights from the Reds’ Carabao Cup fourth round victory against Preston North End, thanks to goals from Takumi Minamino & Divock Origi..

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  1. StepGeekTV Online より:

    Only Origi can do this thing!!

  2. raymond tan より:

    Well done, boys. Loved the action, how Origi’s leg can bend backwards and score, even Minamino’s extended kick in to score the first, is entertaining !

  3. gaming lover より:

    Tsmikas cross was literally superb,he almost made the goal.

  4. James S より:

    Other than the achievement of classy Liverpool, we also have to give credit to this extraordinarily exciting commentator! We need him in more Premier League matches please!

  5. miracle_ 7 より:

    Adrian literally save Liverpool on first half.
    He deserve more credit. YNWA

  6. IZ The One より:

    Origi and Minamino leading the charge for the cup is amazing considering they are the 2nd team. Hopefully they get to play till the finals.

  7. Dominique Muñoz より:

    Origi “the King of Carabao Cup” 11 goals in 15 matches, outstanding

  8. Jaylious Yew より:

    Love the 2nd team. They are still growing. Humble yet ambitious, they will become Liverpool’s torchbearers in the future.

  9. stoneytheclown より:

    Origi just scoring goals like he’s having a kick about at the beach. Mad back heel volley

  10. Chin Chin より:

    Let Minamino and Origi play more to keep in form, we need them during January. By the way, Origi ‘s back heel is goal of the tournament.

  11. Ong JunWei より:

    I will have goosebumps everytime I watch taki score in a match

  12. zeybarur より:

    Me when Tsimikas hit the crossbar: “Damn that would’ve been an outrageous goal!!”
    Origi 2 seconds later: “I got you bro”

  13. Chandinee Bhujan より:

    Can we appreciate the fact that we have a deadly sharp Japanese Samurai, a top Belgian Striker, an insane Spanish Don as goalie, and Greek flying God.

  14. PiiPoO Messaid より:

    That save was outstanding pure world class and the following save from neco GGWP YNWA ❤

  15. Tity Thomas より:

    Good to see that origi and minamino are performing well in these games where the main four attackers don’t need to be used.

  16. Bayu Purdantono より:

    Tsimikas : okey will be a great goal (almost)
    Origo : hold this one for me (beautifull)

  17. Military Update より:

    sorry for coming late all, this team is fantastic

  18. Alexander Kenway より:

    First team rested and a win. Can’t ask for anything more