Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


An unbelievable race to end an unforgettable season…

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  1. Dexter4r より:

    Also lets take a second to appreciate Perez’s teamwork. He selflessly put team first. Great sportsmanship. Happy to see RB back to winning ways.

  2. OrtK より:

    This was such a great season. One for the books. Perez has been phenomenal.

  3. REVERSAL より:

    What a season!
    Won’t ever forget this one.
    Thank you Max & Lewis.

  4. lmao fish より:

    Honestly checo’s defending shows his class as one of the top drivers in the grid. Not many people have the racecraft to hold up a 7 time world champion on way older tyres.Absolute class by checo.

  5. Gerald Baldonado jr より:

    What a race.. what a season ending .. what a finale! Hats off to both legends of the sport! But Check0 is Rubens to SuperMax schumi. What a teammate a great hold off to lewis!..

  6. Pessi Verstappen より:

    Checo deserves the world after his defense on Lewis, what a man he was unlucky this season. I hope he will have the season he deserves next year

  7. ROM PALADIN より:

    Checo holding Hamilton for Max to gain should be the best scene for the whole 2021 season!!! My heart was pounding!!

  8. Diego Tovar より:

    Great race. Both Lewis and Max are on another level. Amazing how important Checo was as well, without those 8 secs he held Lewis back, the 12s lead on Max without have been 20 and a free stop under the safety car, those 8s gave Max the championship!

  9. oposoum より:

    I do really like that the highlights include almost the whole battle between Checo and Lewis. The last lap was the epitome of the season, but this battle was pure gold.

  10. Daniel Fernandez より:

    Checo, absolute legend!!!!

  11. Luiz Barreto da Costa Neto より:

    Em meus quase 60 anos tive a sorte de ver disputas épicas como: Emerson Fittipald x Jackie Stewart; Nelson Piquet x Niki Lauda; Ayrton Senna x Nigel Mansell, além de pilotos como: José Carlos Pacci, Peterson, Mário Andretti, Niko e Keke Rosberg, James Hunt… e já tinha esquecido que existiam mais de uma equipe na Fórmula !. Hoje tenho a esperança de voltar a assistir a verdadeira Fórmula 1.

  12. Luke Phillips より:

    Checo played his role perfectly, deserves so much credit for holding off Hamilton and doesn’t even get to finish the race.

  13. CPT Jr. より:

    Sergio Perez in now one of my favourite drivers. Absolute animal