Legend of K-POP – TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN (2021 KBS Song Festival) I KBS WORLD TV 211217


  1. Bribe より:

    The Collaboration that we expect to mnet,that we never had.Thank You for this powerful collaboration KBS.

  2. eykyra より:

    Imagine being there to witness this tremendous stage in real life, this was LEGENDARY. Also I’m gonna need TXT’s full cover of Rain’s song cause that wasn’t enough at all

  3. enhypen より:

    I swear Ni-Ki is something else, his stage presence is immaculate at just 16 years of age, when he turns 20 is OVER for all of us. y’all should fear him

  4. LadyPipay より:


  5. Meliodas 2k より:

    Their chemistry is perfect I knew it since TXT and ENHYPEN Playground.

  6. liyah aliy より:

    Honestly, i can’t stop replaying txt’s cover of bad guy. They’re just TOO GOOD.

  7. @Nameoppseo より:

    Heeseung & Ni-ki not leaving the stage until 3X performace… The power they hold.

  8. rosé long lost bestfriend より:

    They were all lit hope we get to see more collabs in the future

  9. ani_girl より:

    This performance is just fire, so many songs, choreographies and expressions.. I actually didn’t expect that this will turn out that good.

  10. Angel Tebelin より:

    SORRY guys but I just wanted to talk about TXT’s vocals and ofc their whole performance!!!! THEY REALLY CAN DO ANY CONCEPT!!! I JUST LOVE MY BOYS SO MUCH!!!! THEY NAILED EVERYTHING! and ofc ENHYPHEN & TXT did fire by BTS and they did it so well!!!!!!!

  11. jungwon's dimple より:


  12. jjk0220 より:

    NI-KI ate the performance. He’s the youngest but his visual facial expressions are on next level.

  13. Jhenny より:

    They did not disappoint. I’m so proud of all of them, they did so well. And as a MOA and Engene, I’m so happy to watch them perform together! Indeed, this is legendary.

  14. s c w より:

    this was legendary. I’m so proud of all of them. they never fail to impress

  15. Asma Bhatti より:

    Their collab is justtttttttttttt ICONIC BUT i just want to say that the fire song is enter in their performance like a soul enter in a body…………..

  16. Allyne より:

    enhypen don’t give engenes enough time to put ourselves together from one performance to another we’re always going crazy without a break

  17. Kookie Jeon より:

    Remember when Yeonjun was wishing for siblings… And now he got so many younger brothers. I know he’s just so happy rn. Bet he’s ready to adopt Ni-ki too.

  18. LadyPipay より: